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EDIT: Added the last 8th fact I couldn't think of the last time~

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1. Post these rules

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters.

4. Post their names along with their creator’s avatars.

Deshi Negaigoto/ Nagano

[Solo Mission] Howdie! by NeroDox6

1. Starting off, Deshi was never supposed to exist, at least not in the way he is known now. His name was supposed to be Tenshi and he was supposed to fashion black hair and blue eyes. His personality would be grumpy and intense. He would be easily angered and sarcastic as fuck. Despite that, the name Tenshi was rejected since it sounded too much like an already existing character's name and the name Deshi that I liked as a second choice didn't really gave me the whole sarcastic character vibe, so I changed his character as well :> Tenshi or Deshi by NeroDox6

2. I never really gave much thought to his character, except for the fact that he was gonna be shy, naive, gentle and weak. I planned on making his character more complex later on. His white hair and eyes, where supposed to symbolize that Deshi, at first, was pretty blank, personality wise, just like a blank canvas. Later on his white appearance was blamed on his illness.

3. The fact that he is an orphan was because, I was going through some personal stuff at the moment, so I needed a character that I could compare his sadness and feelings with mine. Plus it could explain his kinda blank personality. He became kind and nice so that he could easier be accepted by the rest of the village. I never really wanted to give him a sad past since this was supposed to be a village of love I would join, but it just happened I guess. :iconshrugsplz:

4. His character IS gonna become a bid bloodthirsty, possessive and harsh, especially when fighting an enemy. This happened because of his travels, where he witnessed some weird and tough shiz that changed him emotionally. Also, his illness is slowly evolving, making his eyesight weaker and making him feel slowly more self conscious and useless. After that he gets a bit easier agitated and driving him a little bit insane.

5. Ice cream is his favorite food because he believed, as a kid, that if he ate enough of it, he would turn into a penguin. Then, it stuck as a habit I guess :iconbiggrin-plz:

6. I have a really hard time when roleplaying with him, since he is a special character to me and I don't wanna change his personality in a way I might not like later.

7. In the future, he will probably retire and will either teach in the Academy or help Aiko with the orphanage full time~

:new:8. He, secretly, doesn't mind when Hatsu dresses him up like a girl. He, actually, thinks it is quite fun and tries to model for the dresses he wears~

1. Aiko - :iconilupinus:
2. Narashi - :icontaminki:
3. Momo - :iconitsyukime:
4. Naoki - :iconmiyukyuu:
5. Raiden - :iconkelsanity:
6. Takano - :iconsukieyo:
7. Nagisa - :iconbayneezone:
8. Suki - :iconcixu:

If you guys have already done this you can skip it or just do it for an other character of yours ;>
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